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Welcome to FES Library Media Center

 1. Digital Citizenship Unit Assessment (Raise your hand to show Mrs Hall!)

2. Digital Citenship Games (click "Links" at the top of the page)



Review a Book     Request a Book

Reading List ages 8-10yrs     Reading List ages 11-13yrs

 Shelving Books Game



Student email and Google Drive information:


5th and 6th graders Password:  6-digit birthday and first, middle initials.  Example: 040506em

4th graders Password:  First initial, last initial and 6-digit birthday.  Example: ew040506 

 For Parents:

Go to to learn about internet safety and teaching students how to become responsible digital citizens.


Discussions and Guidelines to have with your child about being responsible digital citizens:


  • Having a balance of online/offline activities
  • Sharing pictures of myself
  • Tagging or uploading pictures of other people
  • Behaving appropriately online
  • Downloading movies/music legally
  • Shopping and buying things online
  • Talking to strangers online
  • Length of time allowed for tv and computer
  • Appropriate websites
  • Creating usernames and passwords
  • Sharing information online (private versus personal)
  • Understanding your digital footprint
  • Sexting
  • Dealing with cyberbullying


Software for monitoring your childs cellphones:  TeenSafe, WebWatcher, and PhoneSheriff