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Destiny Quest Assessment

Hour of Code: Scratch Project

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Reading List ages 8-10yrs     Reading List ages 11-13yrs

 Shelving Books Game

 AR Student & Teacher Login


Student email and Google Drive information:


Password:  6-digit birthday and first, middle initials.

Example: 040506em


4th grade Assignments 5th grade Assignments 6th grade Assignments
Mattingly Morgan Hack
DeSurne Fackler Spink
Parker Yates Backstrom
Williams Straney Schoebaechler








 For Parents:

Go to to learn about internet safety and teaching students how to become responsible digital citizens.


Discussions and Guidelines to have with your child about being responsible digital citizens:


  • Having a balance of online/offline activities
  • Sharing pictures of myself
  • Tagging or uploading pictures of other people
  • Behaving appropriately online
  • Downloading movies/music legally
  • Shopping and buying things online
  • Talking to strangers online
  • Length of time allowed for tv and computer
  • Appropriate websites
  • Creating usernames and passwords
  • Sharing information online (private versus personal)
  • Understanding your digital footprint
  • Sexting
  • Dealing with cyberbullying


Software for monitoring your childs cellphones:  TeenSafe, WebWatcher, and PhoneSheriff